インプラント implant

・You need to have periodic maintenance once in 6 month after had dental implant treatment. There is a risk of you will suffer from implantitis.

(虚血性心疾患 / 狭心症・心筋梗塞)、高血圧症、気管支喘息、甲状腺疾患、脳梗塞、薬物アレルギー、HIVなど)
・Dental implant treatment may involve surgery. If you have the following diseases, it may occur loosing teeth
(IHD:Ischemic Heart Disease /Angina・Myocardial infarction,High blood pressure, Bronchial asthma, Thyroid disease, Stroke, Drug allergy, HIV etc.)

・If you fall under any of following applies, please be sure to tell the doctor.
(if you are on medication, smoking, or having Liver failure, Diabetes, Anemia, Radiation therapy)
※In addition please tell us your a case medical history and if you are during treatment.

・You ca cot have treatment in case we judged you wise not to have a dental implant by result of full examination.

施術の流れ procedure flow

▼検査・カウンセリング Examination・counseliing
We take an X-ray and Computed Tomography for design the best treatment plan for each patient.

▼インプラント(人工歯根)の埋め込み手術 Surgery to place an implant
Carry out implant placement surgery on jaw bone once to twice.(local anesthesia) It takes time to able to instill implant into your jaw bone for about three months.

▼アバットメント(支台)・人工歯の装着 Insertion of abutment and artitical teeth


▼アフターメンテナンス After maintenance
After treatment is finished maintenance may be required. To avoid the risk of periodontal disease and to keep implants in good condition, you should take care of your teeth every day and brush them properly.
Depending on the treatment content, your medical expenses can be tax deductible.
For more information on how to apply, please contact us.

ホワイトニング whitening

・In-office whitening agents contain a lot of hydrogen peroxide.It may have the effect of dissolving the protective film on the surface of the teeth, but generally it will recover in a day or two.

・In -office whitening agents are much stronger than the same agents for in- home whitening.
If you have hyperesthesia syndrome, please let us know in advance.

・The effect of home whitening is more slow in comparison with in-office whitening. It will take some time to see the effect.

・If any of the following conditions below apply you may not have full effect and you will attended with health risks.
(入れ歯、差し歯の方・詰めものや被せものが多い方 / 歯にヒビがある方や神経を抜いている方)
(denture, post crown, / cracked teeth, nerveless teeth)

If any of the following conditions below apply we may reject you to have teeth whitening.
(過酸化水素を分解できない無力タラーゼ症の方 / 妊娠中、授乳中の方)
(acatalasemia, pregnant women, breastfeeding)

施術の流れ(オフィスホワイトニングの場合)Procedure flow as in-office teeth whitening

▼歯のブラッシング Tooth brushing
Brush your teeth carefully before teeth whitening treatment.

▼ホワイトニングジェルの塗布・ライト照射 Apply the whitening gel・irradiate
Apply the whitening gel onto the surface of teeth, exposure a special light to activate the medicine. The same procedure repeat 1-2 times in once.

▼再度ご来院・メインテナンス After maintenance
You may come to clinic few times for after maintenance as necessary. If you feel anything wrong with your teeth please be sure to tell us.